Women’s Day SA. Ubuntu Family Thought 9 August

“Does the Catholic Church have a problem with gender matters?” Mayson asked, “They seem very patriarchal.  “Well here is what Pope Francis said recently,” Joyce replied. ”We have not yet understood in depth what things the feminine genius can give us, what woman can give to society and also to us. Perhaps we need to see with different eyes that complement the thoughts of men.” The Pope also touched upon questions of gender in modern society, saying that “gender theory aims to erase sexual difference” and that the removal of the difference is “the problem, not the solution.  Instead men and women are meant to be complementary and I encourage you to treat each other with respect and cooperate with friendship.”  Weekly audience April 15 2015.

Behold the days are coming when  I will put my law within them and I will write it upon their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people.  Jeremiah 31:31-34


Almighty God,

You are father and mother to us, your children.

We thank you for the particular and special gifts you have given to women,  the gift of nurturing life, of sustaining and supporting life, the qualities of compassion, commitment, generosity and a willingness to share.

As they progress towards their rightful place in society we request your blessing on all women that they may continue also to hold their rightful place in the family, that women and men together may build a society which will bring       about the Kingdom You have promised us.

We call on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who nurtured and cared for her son and now reigns with Him in heaven to inspire the women of South Africa, to pray with them in their joys and in their struggles,  and to intercede for them with her Son.

Mary, Queen assumed into heaven, patroness of South Africa, pray for us.

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