Welcoming foreigners Family and Grandparent Thought. July 12

Migrant day Johannesburg 30 June 2019

Migration is nothing new but nowadays there is a great deal of movement of people across the world.  Millions migrate leaving their home region or country in search of a better life. Others flee and become refugees escaping from life-threatening situations. The diocese decided to establish a support programme for migrants and refugees in their area. They were pleased when some of the elderly who had themselves travelled from afar were willing to welcome newly arrived strangers. They were well aware that in times of war and conflict when relatives have disappeared there is great sadness in a family,  especially for the elders, and a need for closure before they feel they can die in peace.

Joseph made ready his chariot and went up to meet Israel his father and he fell on his neck and wept for a good while.   Israel said to Joseph, “Now let me die since I have seen your face and know that you are still alive.” 

Pope Francis:  Forced migration of families, resulting from situations of war, persecution, poverty and injustice and marked by dangers on a journey traumatises people and destabilizes families. AL 46

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