DAY4: Hope and Healing.    Pray for the Reformed churches

Prayer. God of all comfort and hope,  your resurrection defeated the violence of the cross.  As your people, may we be a visible sign  that the violence of the world will be overcome.    This we pray in the name of our risen Lord. Amen.

The right hand of God is pointing in our land, pointing the way we must go;  so clouded is the way, so easily we stray, but we’re guided by the right hand of God.     A Hymn of hope.   

The Churches of the Caribbean were commissioned to prepare the 2018 reflections for this week built on the passage from Exodus 15:1-21.  The themes of hope and healing apply not only to Christians but at this time also very strongly to the need for interreligious dialogue.  Jews and Muslims are at the heart of a battle that is both political and religious.   How can they be separated and how can religion play a role in reconciliation?

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