Water and Life Matters. Family Thought August 8.

Paula asked the local catechist, “Do you believe in water diviners, or is that superstition?” “That is a very difficult question and depends on cultural beliefs too. Some people do have special spiritual insights, gifts and dreams that used to be rejected.   Nowadays we recognise that we do not fully understand the workings of the mind.” “We had to leave our farm because of lack of water, “Andrew shared. “We always prayed someone could help us find the water we needed.”

Moses took the rod from before the Lord and said to the assembly, “Hear now, you rebels; shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock?” And Moses lifted up his hand and struck the rock with his rod twice; and water came forth abundantly.  Numbers 20:1-13.

Pope Francis: Proclaiming the gospel message to different cultures means an encounter between faith, reason and the sciences with a view to developing new approach on the issue of credibility which would encourage greater openness to the Gospel on the part of all.   EG132.

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