Was Jesus’ baptism an example for us?

Jan 11, 2020

Discussing the feast of the Baptism of the Lord Zodwa wanted to know, “Did Jesus really need to be baptised? Surely he was already a child of God, God’s son. Was he formalising baptism, something that he wanted us to be part of and do the same? The social activities these days when a child is baptised don’t seem very spiritual to me. Sometimes not even one of the godparents is a Catholic which is the absolute minimum. What kind of example to support the faith can they be? Maybe we should all think about and talk about our own baptism and what it has meant to us.  I’d like to look up the godparents in our family some time soon.”

Jesus saw the dove and heard the voice saying, “this is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased. Matt. 3.

Pope Francis: Christ’s work penetrates the depths of our being and transforms us radically making us adopted children of God and sharers in the divine nature. It thus modifies all our relationships, our place in this world and in the universe and opens them to God’s own life of communion. LF42

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