VIA LUCIS – STATIONS OF LIGHT.  Pope Francis “We want to live this Jubilee Year in the light of the Lord’s words, “Merciful like the Father.” It is a programme of life as demanding as it is rich with joy and peace.  In order to be capable of mercy there we must first of all dispose ourselves to listen to the Word of God. FM13

STATIONS OF LIGHT are a series of post-Easter Scripture Reflections. At Bosco Centre outside Johannesburg there are 14 mosaic depictions of post-Resurrection events.  A booklet of reflections is available. Contact Fr Alberto at Bosco  Alberto Villaba (  The mosaics were designed by Fr Pierre de la Croix and erected in the grounds in 1997.  Many groups have visited and prayed. MARFAM’s FAMILY MATTERS magazine No 1 volume 20 published  a simplified version with the mosaic pictures that can be prayed at home too.  Visit under Holy Week and Easter to download text.

VIA LUCIS – THE WAY OF LIGHT 14 stations from Easter to Pentecost

The Way of Light is intended to heighten the reality of the life and joy of the Risen Saviour in us. Like the Way of the Cross, the Way of Light is the journey heavenward, nourishing the pilgrim’s faith, hope and love. If the journey of Christian life cannot avoid the cross, the Way of Light reminds us that its destiny is the joy of Easter!  This presentation will hopefully help to promote the Way of Light as an inspirational devotion among young and older, lay families and religious.

BEFORE EACH STATION :   LEADER:  We adore you O Christ and we praise you;

RESPONSE:  Because through your resurrection you fill us with hope and joy, Alleluia!


Thomas station 8Pray together praising and thanking God for the gift of renewed life. Pray for an increase in faith, hope, love and joy and for your own special needs.

Sing:   this or any other suitable hymn.

Sing Alleluia to the Lord (x2)

Sing Alleluia sing Alleluia. Sing Alleluia to the Lord!

Jesus is risen from the dead (x2)

Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen from the dead!


Eighth Station: Jesus confirms the faith of Thomas.  Thomas was not with them when Jesus came, and he refused to believe. Eight days later the disciples were in the house,  the doors were closed but Jesus came and stood among them. He said to Thomas: “Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Look at my hands! Doubt no longer, but believe!” Thomas said: “My Lord and my God!” Jesus replied: “You believe because you can see me. Blessed are they who will believe without having seen me.”  Read John 20:24-29

Share:  Discuss how many things we believe that we cannot see, e.g. wind, electricity.  Is Jesus real to you?    Pray….. Sing……

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