Vanity of Vanities. Family Thought: Men and Women Matter. August 4 Sunday 18C

Fr Oliver wondered out aloud as he began his homily.  “Who is more vain, boys or girls, women or men? Maybe we are all vain but not to the same extent and about the same things.  A man may want a beautiful car, a woman a perfect house, young and old people want to be as attractive as possible for one another.  I think wanting what is good and attractive is great, but it doesn’t help to make it an obsession or use it to show-off and put other people down.”

‘Vanity of vanities’ says the Preacher.   Sometimes a man who has toiled with wisdom and knowledge and skill must leave all to be enjoyed by a man who did not toil for it. Read Ecclesiastes 1-2:23  

Pope Francis: Modesty is a natural means whereby we defend our personal privacy and prevent ourselves from being turned into objects to be used. AL282

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