The pros and cons of technology

Sep 11, 2020

September 11.    Melissa wrote, “There are some biblical truisms or sayings that we have always taken for granted.  Like “the blind leading the blind.”  Surely that is impossible. It would have been true for most of history but nowadays with scientific developments like braille, and ongoing development of new sensory devices it has become possible for blind people to manage their own lives to some extent and even support one another. Development happens, but is it always for the common good?” 

Jesus told his disciples,” can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?”  Luke 6:39-42.

Pope Francis:   Humanity has entered a new era in which our technical prowess has brought us to a crossroads. We are the beneficiaries of two centuries of enormous waves of change.  Science and technology are wonderful products of a God-given human creativity.  Technology has given us tremendous power, more precisely they have given those with the knowledge and the economic resources to use them an impressive dominance over the whole of humanity. We have certain superficial mechanisms, but we cannot claim to have a sound ethics, culture and spirituality genuinely capable of setting limits and teaching clear-minded self-restraint.  LS 101-5

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