The Power of Beauty is in our Hands

Jul 30, 2020

July 30.  Blanche loved to allow her grandchildren to come to her pottery studio and create “beautiful things” as she used to say.   She would tell them to feel the clay in their hands and to shape all kinds of things.  Gradually they did come to make some quite beautiful pots, vases and statues too. David especially, said he felt a little bit like God, creating, looking, feeling, even tasting and touching his creation lovingly. 

The Lord said, Behold like the clay in the potters’ hand so are you in my hand.”  Jere 18:1-6.

Pope Francis:   Rigidity can hinder the development of an individual’s abilities to the point of leading him or her to think, for example, that it is not really masculine to cultivate art or dance or not feminine to exercise leadership. AL286. By learning to see and appreciate beauty we learn to reject self-interested pragmatism.  If someone has not learned to stop and admire something beautiful we should not be surprised if he treats everything as an object to be used and abused without scruple.  LS215

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