The need for Ecological Conversion

May 20, 2020

Her boys had not liked going to catechism classes or having to learn sections the Church’s teaching but they knew they had to attend in order to be confirmed.  Ma Beauty understood this very well and she tried to share some of her faith and knowledge at home in a less formal way. She particularly loved bringing in her love of creation and the environment.   However she sometimes said to the ladies in her sodality. “I’m inclined to say that education is wasted on the young especially religious education. We should do far more for adult religious education.  Don’t you agree? “

I have yet many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now.  John 16:12-15  

Pope Francis: Environmental education aimed at creating an ecological citizenship is at times limited to providing information and fails to instill good habits.  The existence of laws and regulations is insufficient in the long run to curb bad conduct even when effective means of enforcement are present. If the laws are to bring about significant, long-lasting effect the majority of members of society must be adequately motivated to accept them and personally transformed to respond. Only by cultivating sound virtues will people be able to make a selfless ecological commitment.  LS211. Offer a prayer to Our Lady.          

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