The Kingdom. Ubuntu Family Thought November 15

From Jesus’ own time until now people keep asking about the coming of the Kingdom. “Where is it, what does it look like?” they asked him.  Different churches and theologians using the Bible and external signs as described in the Book of Revelation have tried to identify the end. We also think of those who have died already experiencing it. However do we forget the words of Jesus himself, when he said, “Behold the kingdom of God is in your midst?”  But even those words continue to confuse us.  Is it within each one, in the Church, in Christianity, wherever the values of the Kingdom are lived.

Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed nor will they say, ‘here it is,’ for God’s kingdom is in your midst.” Luke 17:20-25:  

Pope  Francis: By their witness as well as their words, families speak to others of Jesus.  They pass on the faith, they arouse a desire for God and they reflect the beauty of the Gospel and its way of life.   AL 184 

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