Last week’s FAMILY WEEKLY reflected on abortion.  I received this email from Christian View and missed out on inserting it in this week’s Family Weekly.    Please read and respond.

Please urgently email Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete at bmbete@parliament.gov.za (and copy to mmabungane@parliament.gov.za) to support the an amendment to the abortion law to require ultrasound provision and compulsory counselling and provision of information to women considering abortion by the end of Friday 11 August 2017.

African Christian Democratic Party MP Cheryllyn Dudley has introduced a proposed bill to amend the abortion law.  The main changes are to require access to ultrasound examinations (section 3) and mandatory counselling including photographs of the development of the baby, the risks involved and alternatives to abortion (section 4).

The full proposed bill can be read at.   https://goo.gl/PyAJ9H



* A doctor in Tygerberg hospital Cape Town, was asked by a mother whose baby had just been aborted ‘Doctor can you save my baby?’.  When she saw her baby she realised she had been deceived that abortion was just the removal of a blob of tissue.  The doctor replied sorry, the baby was too young to save.


* Another heartbroken teen mother who was pressured against her will into having an abortion, complained that she was deceived by Marie Stopes Randburg abortion clinic, who never told her there were alternatives available.  Their ‘counselling’ she said was just marketing to try make money and told her nothing about the babies development or risks.  They did an ultrasound, but didn’t want to show it to her. She called for protests to shut down Randburg Marie Stopes.


With the proposed changes such sad stories would stop.

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