Tempting Children. Ubuntu Family Thought 12 November.

We hear a lot about child trafficking, how these traffickers groom children to become prostitutes.  Is that sinful for the children or for the traffickers? Or what about those who go to prostitutes, surely that is sinful? The children are tempted with sweets, cell phones, clothes and are given drugs to make them addicts.  As they were not free to choose could their behaviour then be regarded as sinful? The school had sent a notice to families to talk to their children about such matters, but of course the aspect of temptation and sin was not something the school addressed. Parents, as the first educators of their children, dare not lose out on doing their obligation to deal with such issues in a meaningful and merciful way. Temptations are not sins.

Anyone who tempts children does a great wrong,” says Jesus. “Such people should be thrown away.” Luke 17:1-6.  Pope Francis:  Jesus affirms that mercy is not only an action of the Father, it becomes a criterion for ascertaining who his true children are. MV9

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