Temptation and Idols, Sunday Reflection 1st Sunday of Lent C

Feb 12, 2016

pope francis idolsSimple daily reflections from MERCY MINUTES, MARFAM’S Family Year Planner. Keeping the overall theme of Mercy in mind and using scripture and Pope Francis’ Misericordiae Vultus (The Face of Mercy) it is applied to different family-related themes over the months.
SUNDAY REFLECTION 1ST SUNDAY OF LENT. February 14th. TEMPTATION and IDOLS. Fr Joseph asked the altar servers, “ I know you have been studying temptation. What was Jesus being tempted to do? Mpumi knew the three temptations, “turn stones into bread, worship the devil and tempt God to help him.” “Yes, but what is behind those and how do they apply to us?” Fr Joseph continued. “Could there be temptation to material, political or religious power, even making them into idols? ( No, not those ones on TV we vote for to become top singer of the year.) I think you need to go and discuss that at home. You couples or young lovers can do this as it is Marriage Day and Valentine’s Day too? Wouldn’t you like to be able to change a stone into nice meal? But things like wasting money on a Valentine’s Day gift is not God’s way. We can rather show our love, by being good, decent and merciful partners and friends and say, “My love is (like) God’s love!” Man shall not live on bread alone. Luke 4:1-13.

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