Teen Harassment. Family Lenten Thought

March 14. Esther was glad she found a book about her namesake, queen Esther, in her Catholic bible and wondered why it wasn’t in all bibles. She found that it is one omitted in mostly Protestant translations. “I want to be like my namesake,” she told her sister, “and also trust in God when I am really very frightened. Like of that gang of boys who have been bullying and threatening us. They might not kill us but they could rape us and beat us like they did to those other girls in our class. Having faith does help me but also encourages me not to run any risks.”

Esther the queen seized with deathly anxiety fled to the Lord. “God of Abraham, blessed are you, help me who am alone and have no helper but you, for my danger is in my hand.” Esther 14:1-14.

Pope Francis: Sex often becomes depersonalised and unhealthy. It becomes the occasion for self-assertion and selfish satisfaction of personal desires. Can we ignore the various forms of domination, arrogance, abuse, sexual perversion and violence that are the product of a warped understanding of sexuality? AL 153

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