St Thomas. Family and Grandparent Thought for the Day July 3

ByToni Rowland

Jul 3, 2019

When the Morares met for family gatherings grandpa loved having long scientific discussions with his two grandchildren.  “There is stuff that you guys learn at school that I find hard to believe, like artificial intelligence. In my day we called that science fiction. Now it is fact.  Some of the new medical procedures are miracles in my eyes,” he said.  I remember when…… “ he started to say while the grandchildren patiently listened.

Thomas said, ”Unless I see on his hands the print of the nail I will not believe.” Jesus told him, “You have believed because you have seen me.  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”  John 20:24-29. 

Pope Francis:   Our contemporary experience of being orphans as a result of cultural discontininuity, uprootedness and the collapse of the certainties that shape our lives, challenges us to make our families places where children can sink roots in the rich soil of a collective history.   AL193

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