St Anthony. finder and preacher. Family and Youth Thought June 13

Clarence commented, “Apart from being good at finding things that are lost I heard that St Anthony was a very good preacher.  It probably needs a good preacher to persuade brothers, or sisters, to work out their differences.  We know that little kids fight most of the time, that’s normal but if they don’t learn from parents or others to manage their feelings especially anger it can carry on right into adulthood.” “And that destroys many families, marriages too even.” Jock added, “I’m sure that St Anthony can also find lost love relationships, rather than those “healers” who advertise on walls and dustbins.”    Happy feastday to all every Anthony, Antonio, Tony and Toni!

 I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgement.  Mat 5:20-26

Pope Francis: I ask you to build social friendships, where everyone works for the common good. Social enmity, is destructive. Families are destroyed by enmity. Countries are destroyed by enmity. The world is destroyed by enmity. And the greatest enmity of all is war.  Please find ways of building real (not virtual) social friendships. It is not easy, it always means having to give something up and to negotiate, but if we do it for the sake of helping others, we will have the magnificent experience of setting our differences aside and working together for something greater. CV169.

DID YOU KNOW?  Why is St Anthony always pictured with baby Jesus?  It was reported by one of the community was walking past Anthony’s room and saw a bright light. Thinking it was a fire he went over to check and found Anthony in ecstacy praying with baby Jesus in his arms.


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