Spring brings to birth. Family Thought: Our Heritage Matters September 3

The Jacksons had a family tradition of going on a spring walk. George explained, “We started this when we still lived on the farm and would go for a long walk and look for signs of new growth and new life after a long hard winter. I particularly looked forward to seeing some little lambs. I miss that now in town, so we do go and find a farmyard somewhere, just for old time sake.”

When people say, there is peace and security, then sudden destruction will come upon them as labour pains come upon a woman with child. And there will be no escape.  But you are not in darkness brothers. 1 Thes.5:1-11.

Pope Francis: Prayer for the Care of Creation. 3.  Holy Spirit, by your light you guide this world towards the Father’s love and accompany creation as it groans in travail. You also dwell in our hearts and you inspire us to do what is good. Praise be to you!  

PS.  Does anyone have the words of the poem, “Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, I wonder where the birdie is…………..”

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