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Sep 9, 2020

September 9. Sharing. One dad spoke about his family.  “I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of houses, huts, shacks, mansions, flats and farms.  We’ve never been rich but, like most people we know, I would consider us middle class.  We do have a nice enough house and enough to live off, if we don’t waste money or spend extravagantly.  This year has been really hard for all of us as so many people have lost jobs.  But we still try to share our resources where we can and become more eco-friendly.  I believe that it is not that being rich is so wrong but it is how one spends and supports others less well off that matters.  We should all share more equally and some economists believe that taxes should help to distribute wealth better than it does.  And by the way no new cellphones for you kids this year.”  It was quite hard for the younger ones to understand why Pope Francis so often condemns the rich.  They saw that Jesus did the same in the gospel of today.

Woe to you that are rich for you have receive your consolation. Woe to you that are full now, for you shall hunger.  From Luke 6:20-26. 

Pope Francis. We have to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. LS 49.

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