Shame: Adam and Eve’s Family.December 1. World AIDS Day

1ST  DECEMBER WORLD AIDS DAY.  Read Genesis 1-4 Adam and Eve’s family.   Shame.   Johnson sat thinking back over the last 15 years or so.  “When AIDS was first diagnosed there so much fear, shame and stigma attached to it.  People would talk but few would say, My son is infected” or “My daughter died of AIDS.” Many families closed ranks.  Even now it remains unsaid, although we can see the signs, that AIDS  was the reason why we ended up looking after 6 grandchildren at one time and our daughter and son came home very sick.   She died in those early days, but hi is well taking his ARVs regularly.”  He turned to Josephine and asked, “Should there be shame attached to AIDS? We say it is a disease and not a sin, but so often there was a singful act omitted somewhere that started it.  It is also not right that the infect rate is still too high.  It makes me think of Adam and Eve.  They were created to live in harmony with God and one another.   After their sin of disobedience when God cam looking for them he found them wearing fig leaves because they had become ashamed of their nakedness.   It is sad too how the sin of jealousy caused Cain to kill his brother Abel.”   She agreed.  “All that really does make one think.”  “Look at the fig tree and all the trees, as soon as they come out in leaf know the summer is near.  So also when you see these things taking place you know that the kingdom of God is near.  From Luke 21:29-33.   Pope Francis. Reading the scriptures makes it clear that the Gospel is not merely about our personal relationships with God.  Jesus’ mission is to inaugurate the Kingdom of His Father, he commands his disciples to proclaim the good news that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  EG 180

Reflect, share and pray.  People are very sensitive to being blamed and shamed.   What is the effect of shame on how people behave?   In times of corruption and other wrongdoing could blaming and shaming be a deterrent?  We say that AIDS is a disease and not a sin.  Are there not times when there is guilt and shame? Could blaming and shaming stop the ongoing rate of infection for our own good?

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