Servant Leadership, an attitude and approach

Jan 19, 2020

Sunday 2A.   Margaret started the discussion by saying, “I was touched when I heard about Fr Damien Veuster a priest in 19th century who went to minister among the lepers in Molokai and in becoming close to the people contracted leprosy himself.  To me that is a true example of the servant that Isaiah speaks about, obviously a humble person but one chosen in a very particular way to do God’s work.  I wish that in our families that attitude existed.”  “In our church too,” Jock added.

“You are my servant Israel, in whom I will be glorified. I will give you as a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”   Isaiah 49:3, 5-6.  

Pope Francis: servant leadership? The ecological conversion for which we appeal will lead to a new way of looking at life, as we consider the generosity of the Creator who has given us the earth and called us to share it in joy and moderation. This conversion must transform how we relate to our sisters and brothers, to other living beings, to creation in all its rich variety and to the Creator who is the origin and source of all life. For Christians. World Day of Peace. 9

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