September Theme: Our World of Families

Jan 7, 2020

Many new insights have been incorporated into our way of thinking in recent years. Certainly THE WORLD OUR COMMON HOME is a beautiful image and necessary insight into understanding, not only the wonder of the whole human family but the family forms found in nature.

We, the human family, in its various forms, with different religions, political ideologies and experiences of wealth and poverty are the greatest threat to our world’s security and stability today. Every other family in creation will suffer because of the way we have treated this common home. Is our heritage and culture doomed to be a negative influence or how can it be redeemed?

A fragile world entrusted by God to human care, challenges us to devise intelligent ways of directing, developing and limiting our power. LS 78.

Culture is more than what we have inherited from the past; it is also, a living dynamic and participatory present reality, which cannot be excluded as we rethink the relationship between human beings and the environment. LS143

There is a need to respect the rights of peoples and cultures and to appreciate that the development of a social group presupposes a historical process which takes places within a cultural context and demands the constant and active involvement of local people from within their proper culture. LS144

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