Respect for the Sabbath. Family Thought for the Day November 1

November 1st . (The feast of All Saints is transferred to the 1st Sunday in November.   For further notes on November visit

The family were discussing religious practices and in particular rules about the sabbath.  “If you lose your cellphone, your car gets stolen, someone has an accident and it happens on a Sunday do you wait to take action?” “Of course not, it doesn’t make sense, and of course you feel frustrated if the office or shop is closed?” “But we are not as strict about respecting the day of the Lord as the Jews were and some still are.” “Some people still take time to visit the cemetery on a Sunday.”   “But I believe we have lost some respect for the day of the Lord by choosing whether to go to Mass or not.”

Jesus asked, “which of you having a son or an ox that has fallen into a well, will not immediately pull him out on a sabbath day?”  And they could not reply to this.   

Pope Francis:  The various expressions of popular piety are a treasure of spirituality for many families.   The family’s communal journey of prayer culminate by sharing together in the Eucharist especially in the context of the Sunday rest.  AL318

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