REFLECTIONS – Human Rights

REFLECTION.   MARCH 21,  HUMAN RIGHTS DAY.   More than just a nice long weekend!

March 21. Abel had done research on the history of Human Rights Day in South Africa. It commemorates Sharpeville a sad incident in our history when many innocent people were killed. In the bible account  Joseph, Jacob’s favourite son was also an innocent victim. He was abused by his brothers who were jealous and wanted to get rid of him. Fortunately he was rescued and taken to Egypt, a foreign country, made to fend for himself but made good.  How do we treat foreigners amongst us and do we respect their rights?

Genesis 37 tells the story of Joseph and his brothers. Matthew 21:33-45 tells a story of the vineyard owner’ son killed by tenants out of greed. 

Pope Francis:  Not being able to have a home or land, experiencing discrimination on account of faith, race or social status, these are situations that attack the dignity of the person. Christian mercy responds with vigilance and solidarity.  MM 19

Pope Francis presented the letter  at the closing of the Year of Mercy. He begins the letter with a reflection on two woman sinners and stressed the importance of love leading to forgiveness as mercy and resulting in peace and joy.    Lenten reflections continually build on these.

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