June 16th  Youth Day.  Every year on this day of commemoration of the 1976 Youth uprising the different youth groups, altar servers, choirs, Children of Mary, young adults, and confirmation candidates organised an event and invited the parish youth who were not actively involved to join them.  There had to be music and dancing of course but because of problems that had been experienced in the area they decided to have a workshop too on Youth and the Law to be presented by one of the dads, a prosecutor in the High Court. They had already prepared for this through discussion in their groups and families that made it more exciting because the youth and the parents wanted to know and understand the law and how the spirit of the kingdom could come across. “Do people always tell the truth in court?”   That was a relevant question in the light of all the corruption cases that have come before the law lately.

Do not swear at all. Let what you say be simply, yes or no.  Mat 5:33-37.   

Pope Francis:  Pastoral care for families needs to make it clear that the Gospel of the Family responds to the deepest expectations of the human person, a response to each one’s dignity and fulfilment in reciprocity, communion and fruitfulness. This consists not merely in presenting a set of rules, but in proposing values.  AL 201

June 17th FATHERS DAY. Sunday 11B.  Research has shown that more than half of the children in our families are growing up without their own biological father present in their lives, although most often these men are alive, somewhere.  Is that not a sadness for the fathers as well as the children as it has also been well researched that fathers are important and can play a positive role in their children’s growth, be they boys or girls.  The sad reality is that we cannot just reverse this situation overnight and unite fathers and children because of many complicating factors.  But much can be done to deal with it and prevent such situations in the future if men and boys, and women and girls act responsibly and are aware of the consequences of their actions.

The kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed which when sown is the smallest of all the seeds yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs.  Mark 4:26-34. 

Pope Francis:  The gift of a new child entrusted by the Lord to a father and a mother begins with acceptance, continues with lifelong protection and has as its final goal the joy of eternal life. God allows parents to choose the name by which he himself will call their child for all eternity. AL 166


As we reflect on the relationship between youth and fathers this piece can complement our thinking.    

10 Attributes of Jesus’ Relationship with his Father, and what we can learn from this. Taken from John chapter 5.  Downloaded from google.

1) Jesus is a reflection of his Father

2) Jesus is dependent on his Father.

3) Jesus has faith in His Father’s love for him.

4) The Father allows Jesus to see himself at work

5) Jesus trusts and has confidence in his Father.

6) Jesus and his Father work together in the same business, the business of giving life, of bringing the dead to life “

7) The Father gives great responsibility to Jesus

8)There’s no competitive spirit between Jesus and his Father.

9) Jesus lives for his Father’s will.

10) Jesus’ validation comes from his Father.

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