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October 6th Marriage and culture.  Any country nowadays has a cross-section of cultures. During Heritage month each year in September the parish celebrated their different cultural backgrounds.  Each year there seemed to be more, with families from African and Asian cultures becoming particularly prominent. Imported cultures bring different marriage traditions and practices such as greater involvement of the extended family. Inculturation, described as bringing Africa to Jesus and Jesus to Africa, can be meaningful when it brings the Church into some marriage traditions e.g. in the lobola process but it can also be difficult when there are serious conflicts e.g.  polygamy.

The Christian family, as a “domestic Church” built on the cultural pillars and noble values of the African tradition of the family, is called to be a powerful nucleus of Christian witness in a society undergoing rapid and profound changes.   EA92

exchange of marriage vows in church

OCTOBER 7th  MARRIAGE DAY 27th Sunday.   God created them male and female to become one.   Gen 2: 18-24.    Mk 10:2-16.  Fr Peter said, “On this particular Sunday, especially after a time of reflection, preparation and reconciliation it is good to celebrate the special and unique gift that marriage is for couples and for the Church.  So I have asked this couple, appropriately called Adam and Eva to share this homily time with us all.”

They started a little nervously but as they continued they spoke with warmth and conviction.  “Both the first reading and the gospel speak of man and woman being created male and female and called to become one body.    Marriage is a sexual sacrament, celebrating most deeply and most uniquely God’s gift of sexuality.  Through our sexual expression we, as spouses, are the sacramental sign of Jesus to each other and the world.  This is true as we celebrate the complete self-giving in our own relationship and in our co-creation with God of our children as the fruit of our love.  Sexuality is common to everyone  but we have come to appreciate the ultimate expression of sex that belongs in marriage and makes marriage essentially different from every other human relationship. We thank God for this gift and that we are able to celebrate his love for us in this way.”

Pope Francis:  God himself created sexuality which is a marvellous gift to his creatures to be cultivated and sexual desire is not to be looked down upon.  AL:150 

Questions for SHARING AND ACTION  – for couples, individuals or groups

  • Reflect on and share what the words, “This is my body, given for you” mean to you in this context of marriage.
  • For couples the words describe the gift from Jesus and from your spouse. Renew your commitment to each other by renewing your marriage vows.
  • As a community celebrate the gift of the Sacrament of Marriage

This is the conclusion of the marriage awareness campaign which began on 26 August.

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