REFLECTIONS. Extracts from Family Lenten Thoughts April


NARRATOR 1.  COMFORT THE SAD AND LONELY.  “Jesus we honour you.” Response: “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.”  When I am feeling sad and lonely am I able to consider others who may be feeling the same or worse or am I too worried about myself to care about the others in or outside my family?

NARRATOR 2.  Jesus knew he was soon going to die.  He chose this but like us, he didn’t want to suffer and he was also frightened. Even so, he thought of others. As he passed a group of women who were crying for him, he spoke to them and comforted them.

LEADER:  PRAY AND SING.   Dear Father, your world is full of sad and lonely people.  Don’t let me be so wrapped up in my own life that I cannot look beyond my own problems at the problems of others.

Pope Francis:  Lord Jesus we turn to you with shame, for our generation leaving young people a world shattered by division and wars, by selfishness and with young, sick and elderly who are marginalised. Shame for losing a sense of shame. 


NARRATOR 1. DO NOT BE ATTACHED TO MATERIAL THINGS. “Jesus we honour you.” Response: “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.”  What are the most important things in my life, the things I want the most?  Are they my toys, bicycle, phone, computer, clothes, car i.e. material things, or are they the care and love of my family and friends?

NARRATOR 2.   Nearly all Jesus’ friends had left him.  They were afraid.  His own people, the Jews had turned against him.  Then his clothes were taken off in public, even his dignity was lost.  He had no possessions left.

LEADER:  PRAY AND SING.   Father, help me to recognize that the really valuable things in life are my family and friends, my self respect and the respect of others.  Don’t ever let me trade these for material possessions.

Pope Francis:  Do not fall into the terrible trap of thinking that life depends on money and that in comparison with money anything else is devoid of value or dignity.  MV19   



Jesus had spent the night alone, the night before they wanted to make him king.  Satan had visited him again as he had those three long years ago, Had asked him again, “do you want to be king, have the power to control, Even the power to put things right again?”  But Jesus said, “No that’s not my way, my way is the way of the cross.

 And on the one hand there were those who praised God with a loud voice,  Saying, “Blessed is the King, peace and glory to God.”  And they spread their cloaks in the road as he rode by on the colt they had fetched.

On the other hand were the Pharisees, his adversaries, seeking to plot and destroy Him who came in the name of the Lord, because his way was not their way.  His way, the way of the cross.

And in between, the city carried on its daily life, the temple a marketplace, yet a place of learning, A place of challenge and debate as the scribes and teachers tested his way, the way of the cross.

And Jesus wept for their indifference, their pride and selfishness, his knowledge of their destruction Because they would not follow his way, the way of the cross.

And he continued to teach them his way through anecdotes, and parables and prophecies, the widow’s mite, the authority of Caesar, the burning questions of the day, the warning of the testing time to come. “The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.”

“Will you, beloved of a new century, new age, new era, reject me too?  Will you follow my way, the way of the cross, a throne?”  Yes Lord,” he said, “I will.”   “Yes Lord,” she said, I’ll try.”  “Yes Lord, together we will do our best to follow your way,  The way of the cross, a throne, your way, the way of the cross.”    TR


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