READS and EVENTS  for families, about family life, being Catholic and more

COMING UP:  FEBRUARY FOCUS ON LOVE AND MARRIAGE.  Check out local resources and events and programmes.  2nd Sunday of February is World Marriage Day.  Visit  for liturgical suggestions and more.

Visit  An initiative of the US Catholic Bishops Conference. Daily updates and many helpful articles. “Pornography’s effects on marriage and Hope for Couples”

From CERC, Catholic Educators Resource Centre each week with a long list of reads and references.  Not just for educators!  Debating Amoris Laetitia: A Look Ahead – Father Raymond J. de Souza – National Catholic Register.  It was officially the Jubilee of Mercy, with its attendant graces. But 2016 was more the “Year of Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love).

CANAA Catholic New Africa.   Weekly News from the Church in Africa.   

Visit the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office website for briefing papers on South African current affairs.  The latest briefing paper 422: A Place To Call Your Own.   Feedback and  comments are invited.

catholicvoicesmedia.  Synod 2018 preparation opens with pope calling for voice of young

Relevant for this time.  From St Augustine College of South Africa newsletter :  Should you know of persons who have not been accepted at the large state institutions, or those who have only just decided that they want to study at university, please encourage them to consider the St Augustine option. Our BA degree, in particularly, warrants serious consideration by the undecided; the interdisciplinary nature of the qualification – with its emphasis on developing the ability to think independently and critically – prepares graduates more generally for the ‘world of work’.  Visit  for details.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Marfam conducts parish visits and plans to hold short workshops on the theme  CARING FOR PARISH FAMILIES –  HOW FAMILIES WALK THE TALK.   February 11 Johannesburg.  Details and future dates to follow.

Weekly FAMILY MATTERS programme on RADIO VERITAS,  Wednesday 9-10.

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