Preaching and Praying for Couple Power

Is couple power a resource for good in the Church today?  Do we preach and pray for this power to be a continued source of strength?

7 October is commemorated commonly as the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary,   This year the day falls on 27th Sunday of the year which can also be celebrated as MARRIAGE DAY and the conclusion of the Marriage and Family Weeks campaign of the SACBC Marriage and Family Office.

MARFAM has provided reflections around the Sacrament of Marriage over the last weeks.  After a possible time during 26th week of “taking stock” about the state of marriage, our own and that of others around us, and possibly concluding this with a Reconciliation moment, this upcoming Sunday can be celebrated in parishes and families with a renewal of marriage vows by couples and a recommitment to supporting the Sacrament of Matrimony by others.   After all marriage is a foundation sacrament of the Church and for the Church community.

There are a number of rosary campaigns being promoted around now.   Pope Francis is praying to overcome the power of the devil.   One of the devil’s goals is the destruction of marriage and family life.   So let us not neglect the opportunity to include combating this in our rosary campaigns.   MARFAM has been promoting AN HOUR OF PRAYER,  PRAYING THE ROSARY FOR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE.  This campaign begun in Ireland years ago and used as a CONTINUOUS MOVEMENT OF PRAYER FOR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE can become a prayer chain with different people praying either on each hour of a given day or on different days of the month.  Each decade is prayed for an aspect of family life; those preparing for marriage, couples at different stages, families and those who are alone etc. A booklet with explanations and prayers  is available from MARFAM.

Couple Power has been described as one of the greatest untapped resources of the Church by some of the marriage movements. What is couple power?   It is something quite unique. Committed,  communicating couples who support one another, make mutual decisions, resolve their issues and live with the particular kind of tenderness that results from a loving relationships are sacramental signs of the presence of Jesus in the Church.   Are such couples not seen and valued as a specific example to the Church and in society?  Individualism is the way of the world today and often too in the Church where men and women go their own way and do their own thing almost like married singles.  Many general renewal programmes unconsciously promote this approach too.   It is undoubtedly a challenge to invite greater unity in living one’s marriage in daily life in practice and in attitude, in things big and small.   Belonging and intimacy are the potential sources of THE JOY OF LOVE that Pope Francis speaks of in AMORIS LAETITIA.   But they need work and they need support.   They need preaching and prayer and can include the intercession of the saints of the week; St Therese, the Guardian Angels and St Francis cannot but be a great help along the way.   TR   FAMILY WEEKLY 3 OCTOBER 2018

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