Post-election tensions. Family Thought May 9

The voting day has come and gone and now South Africans of every political party are eagerly awaiting the results. What will change and what will remain the same? The Zimbabwean and other foreign African communities were particularly concerned what the eventual outcome would be for them. They were studying the signs of the times seeking to understand, as they were much more vulnerable than the locals with regard to job security for themselves and their families back home.

The eunuch was reading from Isaiah, the prophet. Philip asked “do you understand what you are reading?” Acts 8:26-40.

Pope Francis: When conflict arises some people look at it and go their way as if nothing happened. Others embrace it in a way that they become its prisoners. The third way is the best way to deal with conflict. It is the willingness to face conflict head on, resolve it and make it a link in the chain of a new process. “Blessed are the peacemakers.” EG 228.

Mary, Mother of peacemakers, pray for us.

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