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Considering that everyone belongs to a family and that 99+% of the Church consists of laity living in family relationships of various kinds in the world and in line with the SACBC Pastoral Plan, of Community Serving Humanity as well as the model of the family as the domestic church and the Church as the Family of God it is our mission:

  • To invite a greater awareness of the needs of the family as the domestic church.
  • To source and provide suitable resource material for family strengthening, enrichment and promotion of the spirituality of marriage and family relationships and daily life.
  • To develop and distribute resources for family catechesis.

Recent Newsletter Articles


May 8th. Election Day SA.  In the run-up to our May 8 election all the political parties are promising the earth.  But what will they deliver?  Our bishops have written a Pastoral Letter to us which families too should discuss at home, especially with first time...

Trash, trash and more trash

Disasters. We looked with horror at the rubble after the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in France.  We looked at the rubble too, with shock and sadness after the bomb blasts in Sri Lanka.  Shocked and saddened because reportedly so many body parts were strewn about,...

REFLECTIONS. Extracts from May “Thoughts for the Day”

2019 MAY OVERVIEW.  “Parents do Matter.”      “Your children will always be your children” is an important saying and yet part of parenting is preparing children for independence.  Becoming a parent involves co-creation with God of a new life that is eternal and can...

Life, Death and Resurrection in Sri Lanka

I saw a tweet in the aftermath of the horrific terror attack in Sri Lanka which read, “today you will be with me in Paradise.”  A faith response in a largely Buddhist country where Christian Sri Lankans were clearly the main target of the attacks.  Three churches, two...

Reflections. Extracts from Thoughts for the Day April 2019

STATIONS OF LIGHT - VIA LUCIS. These reflections were created by the Salesian community in Southern Africa and have been adapted slightly with permission.  The full set of 14 Stations can be obtained from any Salesian community. APRIL 25.  Third Station: Jesus appears...

How You Can Get Involved

Marfam Thought of the Day

Short Faith and Life Thoughts around family issues and the theme of the month are provided each day for reflection, sharing, discussion and prayer. Using the well-known SEE-JUDGE-ACT approach, a short life situation introduces an extract from one of the daily scripture readings followed by a quotation from writings of Pope Francis or similar.

Marfam Weekly Newsletter

Our newsletter blog section aims to offer food for thought on a relevant current issue from a family perspective.

Some extracts from Thoughts of the Day, relevant Reads and Events and Current Resources are provided for information and use.

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