Noah and his Family. Family Faith Focus 2 December. “Families Walk the Talk”

2nd December. Noah and his Family.  Read Genesis 6-9.  Another well-known story is that of Noah, the ark and his family.   After some time God was so disappointed in the behaviour and actions of his creatures that he decided to destroy them all except Noah who is described as the only righteous man of his day.   We are not told what made Noah and his family stand out.   Was he a good father or husband?  Did they have a relationship with God that kept them on track?   How were things with Mrs Noah and the children?   All the Bible tells us is that after the Flood, when God was starting over, he made a covenant that he would bet with them for all time.   The rainbow was a sign of this covenant, a sign of hope, a reminder to us each day  a rainbow appears.   But Ham one of the sons rebelled and broke away from his family.

Pope Francis. Access to safe drinking water is a basic and universal human right, since it is essential to human survival.   LS 30.

Reflect, share and pray.  Can we examine our family as a righteous one, caring for our world in this time of need?  Let us hope that God would choose and use us as he used Noah’s family.

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