Neglect. Ubuntu Family Thought 4 August

“Do you ever feel as if your life is in danger?”  Mrs Porteous asked. “I often have this feeling that they are just waiting for me to die so they can have my money.” The group were a shocked at this outspoken statement but to be honest there was a fear in some of them that their children, grandchildren or carers were abusing and exploiting them if not necessarily planning to kill them off. “But that might happen too you know, deliberately by poisoning but also through neglect, not helping us older people to eat well, take our medicine and get a little bit of exercise.” “And what about if I should get really sick?”

Salome, prompted by her mother asked, Give me the head of John the Baptist on a platter.”

Pope Francis:  Euthanasia and assisted suicide are serious threats to families worldwide; in many countries they have been legalised. AL48   Violence within families breeds new form of social aggression, since family relationships can also explain the tendency to a violent personality.  AL 51

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