Mixed Marriages. Ubuntu Marriage Thought 10 September

Many years down the line Margaret shared in her women’s group. “I used to hate it when they called ours a mixed marriage.  What does mixed really mean? We were both Christians so  does it mean both Christians i.e. interdenominational,  or one Christian, i.e. interfaith, intercultural, interracial? We are always two people who are different coming together and differences do matter. A difference in basic beliefs can be a real stumbling block to a couple’s unity. I converted to the Catholic faith but I know others who have remained faithful to their own beliefs. Meg and Joe do it really well at home each enriching their family’s spiritual lives.”

Through ecumenical dialogue Christian communities in many regions have been able to put into effect a common pastoral practice for mixed marriages. Its task is to help such couples live out their particular situation in the light of faith, overcome the tensions between the couples’ obligations to each other and towards their ecclesial communities and encourage the flowering of what is common. CCC 1636. 

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