May all violence be brought to an end. Family Thought November 28

Vincent described another event in Daniel’s story.  Some spies reported to the king that Daniel had been seen praying to God.  The king had signed a law that anyone found praying to any god other than himself would be thrown into the lion’s den.  The king was very upset as he valued Daniel but had to stand by his own law.  He even went and prayed and fasted while Daniel was thrown to the lions. The next morning they found Daniel alive and well. “Daniel said, “O king live for ever! My God sent his angel and shut the lions’ mouths and they have not hurt me, because I was found blameless before him and also before you, O king. I have done no wrong.”  The spies who had betrayed him were thrown to the lions instead.  King Darius then wrote to all his subjects praising Daniel’s God, “for he is the living God enduring forever, his kingdom shall never be destroyed and his dominion shall be to the end.” Things went well for the Jews, the people of Judah and in time they were freely allowed to return to Jerusalem. read Daniel 6.

Martyrdom on account of their faith in God has been the fate of many believers over the centuries right until today. Trust in God has saved some of them, but many have died a painful death and so earned their eternal reward.  How much suffering would you and I endure for our values and faith in God? At the same time during this 16 Days of Activism for Women we stand with those who suffer and fight the violence and  injustice.

Pope Francis: Keeping our missionary fervor alive calls for firm trust in the Holy Spirit, for it is he who helps us in our weakness.  This generous trust has to be nourished and so we need to invoke the Spirit constantly.  He knows well what is needed in every time and space.    EG 280   

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