Mary Mother of God, World Day of Prayer for Peace. January 1. New Year

Jan 1, 2020

January Setting the Scene.  Both the Family Life Desk and Justice and Peace groups in parishes were invited to collaborate during this year in their various programmes and activities to bring the areas of family relationships and environmental awareness together.

January 1st.  Already before the end of 2019 a small task team of members from Family Life and Justice and Peace groups had met and recommended to Father Fabio that all the families should be offered a New Year blessing.  The well-known blessing from the book of Numbers had a small addition from Pope Francis’ message on this World Day of Prayer for Peace and also include Mary whose feastday it also is today.  Paula explained, “In that way God’s role in the issues that face us is recognised right from the beginning of the year.”

A FAMILY BLESSING PRAYER: The Lord lift up his face to you and give you peace, in your home and in our common home, in the human family and the family of all of creation.  May Mary, Mother of the Prince of Peace and Mother of all the peoples of the earth, accompany and sustain us at every step of our journey of reconciliation.”

Pope Francis.  Peace is a journey of hope in the face of obstacles and trials. Peace is the object of our hope and the aspiration of the entire human family. It is made possible if we can be sure of a goal that is great enough to justify the effort of our journey. Peace is a journey of ecological conversion. WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR PEACE 2020.1.

for an overview of the 2020 and January themes  click here.

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