Marriage trauma. Ubuntu Family Thought 9 July

Portia told her friend, “In our Bible study group Marcia explained the book of the prophet Hosea to us.  She said God was using the image of marriage and relating it to the prophet.  Some of it made me quite nostalgic, it was really romantic. But then it came out that the woman became a harlot, she was unfaithful to her husband, but he didn’t reject her.  That isn’t very often what happens is it?  Not in the case of my daughter.   Her family broke up and I ended up caring for the children for quite a while.

The Lord says,I will allure her.” “I will espouse you in righteousness, in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy.  From Hosea 2:14-20.

Pope Francis.   One spouse may not feel fully appreciated or may be attracted to another person.  Jealousy and tensions may emerge.   Many other things, rather than threatening love, are so many occasions for reviving and renewing it. AL237

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