Marriage prayers and blessings


Those who will renew their marriage vows today and we who are here to witness, do so as an act of faith and as part of the Christian community, so let us first renew our baptismal act of faith.

Priest. Do you believe in God, the Father, who gives us the gift of life?                  

All. We do believe.

P. Do you believe in his beloved son, Jesus Christ who so loved the Church that he gave his life for the salvation of all?  

All. We do believe.

P. Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, who guides us in witnessing to Christ’s relationship with the Church in our own lives?

All.  We do believe.

Priest: Dear married couples I invite you now to renew your own commitment to one another.

Husband and wife. 

I, N….. renew the gift of myself to you, N….. which I first made when Christ our Lord bound us together on our wedding day.

I reaffirm my loving commitment to you, my total love, my absolute fidelity and my undying loyalty, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, all the days of our life.

I ask your forgiveness for any want of love, for any selfishness or hurt, for any failure or disappointment that I may have inflicted on you in the past and I promise for the time to come to give myself in love both to you and to our children, trusting in the grace and strength of Christ, our lord, who lives with us in our home.


What God joins together we are not to separate.  

Lord, confirm the covenant of love that these

husbands and wives have renewed with each

other before you and before your people. 

Enrich them with your blessings and continue

 to help them to remain  faithful to their vow

of love forever.   


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