MARFAM RESOURCES for February and Lent.

Bitmap in 2011 LentMARFAM RESOURCES for February and Lent. With the theme for the month,“Love is at the Heart of Mercy” St Paul’s 1 Cor chapter 13 reading from last Sunday is used for many of the February daily reflections in MERCY MINUTES, including those for Lent and these follow Pope Francis’ Lenten theme, “I desire Mercy not Sacrifice.” Other Lenten reflections booklets “THAT THEY MAY BE ONE” focuses on ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, Marriage and the Paschal Mystery, on marriage. THE RESURRECTION STORY is for children and STATIONS OF THE CROSS FAMILIES can be prayed at home in different local languages or used in Church maybe one week during Lent. STATIONS OF THE CROSS FOR THOSE WHO ARE WIDOWED often used in November for a widowed retreat is also available. Mini-workshop, promotional talks and group or sodality presentations all highlight the theme for the year BUILDING HOMES OF MERCIFUL LOVE.

All booklets are very low cost and some are available in local languages.

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