Living and Dying for their Faith

At baptism the parents are reminded that they have the duty to pass on their faith to their children. Godparents stand at their side and often grandparents are the ones in families who take this responsibility too.  Many people have been martyred for their faith in the last century because of radical and fanatical adherents to other beliefs.   Pray for the repose of the souls of those martyrs and pray that we ourselves will have the courage to stand up for our beliefs.

In those days it happened also that seven brothers and their mother were arrested and were being compelled by the king under torture with whips and cords to partake of unlawful swine’s flesh.  The mother was especially admirable. Though she saw her seven sons perish within a single day she bore it with good courage because of her hope in the Lord.   2 Mac 7:1, 20-31  

Pope Francis: Families face problems in raising children.  In many cases, parents come home exhausted, not wanting to talk, and many families no longer even share a common meal.  Distractions abound, including an addiction to television.   This makes it all the more difficult for parents to hand on the faith to their children.  AL 50

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