Life Talk. Family Thought for the Day 11 January

January 11. Marilyn was giving a life talk to the youth group.  “It wasn’t exactly a New Year’s resolution for me,” she started but a time came when my life had to change. I was a popular girl in my class, all the guys were after me and I craved their company and being made to feel special.  But deep inside I didn’t feel like that, especially when as a result of a one-night stand at a party I found myself pregnant and I just couldn’t tell my folks.  One of the guys arranged an abortion for me and I thought everything would be fine.  But guilt kept growing inside me, eating me up.  When I was really depressed a truly life-giving thing happened.  Our youth coordinator asked me one day to help at a children’s home and that was where I found new life.  I experience a love there that has changed my whole life.  Is it love that gives life or life that brings love?  

Who is it that overcomes the world but he who believe that Jesus is the Son of God?   He who has the Son has life, he who has not the Son of God has not life.  1 John 5. 

Pope Francis:  The wider family should embrace even those who have a shipwreck of their lives.  It can provide wholesome love and family stability when parents prove incapable of this.  AL 197

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