Leaders. Family Faith Focus 12 September. “Families walk the Talk”

“How are leaders chosen these days?”   this was a serious question for all parish groups and families to discuss.  Who chooses, how and why?    If one looks around the world and the different countries and even organisations do people lobby for support, bribe or give out food parcels to buy votes?  Do we vote as a reaction against something or for someone who we believe will serve the common good?

All night long he continued in prayer to God.  And when it was day he called his disciples and chose from them twelve whom he named apostles.    Luke 6:12-19.  

Pope Francis..  We lack leadership capable of striking out on new paths and meeting the needs of the present with concern for all and without prejudice towards coming generations.  LS53.  There are too many special interests that easily end up trumping the common good and manipulating information so that people’s  own plans will not be affected.   LS 54 

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