June Theme : Children belong in Families

Jan 7, 2020

Birth, childhood and growth through adolescence are the most vibrant stages of life in all of creation, human, animal and plant. We understand that family relationships do exist in the animal kingdom. Vigorous growth and regrowth happen in phases that can often be stressful and conflict-filled. However, ideally in a family, the young need, conscious protection, care and support to monitor and direct their youthful energy towards full and responsible maturity.

Pope Francis tells youth: Young people intensely feel the call to love; they dream of meeting the right person with whom they can form a family and build a life together. This is undoubtedly a vocation which God himself makes known to them their feelings, desires and dreams. CV259.

It is true that the difficulties they experience in their own family can lead the young to ask whether it is worthwhile to start a new family, to be faithful, to be generous. It is worth your every effort to invest in the family, there you will find the best incentives to mature and the greatest joys to experience and share. Don’t let yourselves be led astray by those who propose a life of rampant individualism that in the end leads to isolation and the worst sort of loneliness. CV263,

Young people experience setbacks, disappointments and very painful memories. They feel the hurt of past failures, frustrated desires, experiences of discrimination and injustice, of feeling unloved and unaccepted. There are moral wounds, the burden of past errors and guilt for having made mistakes. Jesus makes his presence felt amongst these crosses and offers them his friendship. CV 83

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