Joseph Family Violence and Forgiveness. Family Jesse Tree Thought December 7.

Read from Genesis 37-45.    The story of Joseph tells how the Israelites came to be in Egypt.  Being Jacob’s favourite and spoiled son, having been given his famous coat of many colours, he also had a gift for interpreting dreams. Because they were jealous his brothers schemed to kill him, but they eventually just threw him into a pit, from where he was rescued by passing travellers and taken to Egypt. He prospered there, although he did end up in jail for a time falsely accused of rape. It was interpreting of dreams that attracted Pharaoh’s attention and because of his skills he became Pharaoh’s right hand man.  At a time of a famine in Israel the brothers came to Egypt for help.  They did not recognise Joseph but he recognised them.  After testing them he expressed his forgiveness for how they had treated him.

Pope Francis:  Children need help in the process of inner healing and in this way grow in the ability to understand and live in peace with others.

Points for reflection and discussion.   From being a spoilt child Joseph’s good qualities of leadership emerged.   A central message is Joseph’s willingness to forgive.  Would one expect such things from spoilt children?  Belief in and interpretation of dreams is still an area of confusion.

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