Jesus’ unique spirituality

Sep 10, 2020

September 10.  Adam wrote to the group, “I‘ve been wondering what is behind some of the statements of Jesus in the beatitudes like ‘Love your enemies and do good, and lend expecting nothing in return.  Be merciful even as your Father is merciful.’  Why should we do something so unnatural and countercultural? What was Jesus expecting of us?   Spiritual writers through the ages have reflected on this too.  I found an answer in the book JESUS BEFORE CHRISTIANITY by Albert Nolan OP.  He describes the catastrophe facing the country in Jesus’ time, in the form of war and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.  Jesus’ response to this impending catastrophe was that the only way to ward it off was to go beyond the accepted minimum, beyond what is fair and right and can be justified, to sacrifice for the common good. Instead of protesting and becoming violent is this not something like what is facing the whole world now?”   

Pope Francis:  The vision of “might is right” has engendered immense inequality, injustice and acts of violence against the majority of humanity since resources end up in the hands of the first comer or the most powerful.  Completely at odds with this model are the ideals of harmony, justice, fraternity and peace as proposed by Jesus.  LS 82

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