In the digital world. Family Youth Thought for the Day 8 June

Jocelyn and Joshua had struck up a relationship on-line.   His strict fundamentalist Protestant parents were not happy about him chatting to a Catholic girl but her parents had a far greater problem with the possibility of the relationship becoming serious. Looking for a Catholic partner was really important to them, understanding the Eucharist and other Church teaching mattered.  Both young people were serious about life and what their different backgrounds meant and after a time their friendship petered out. “ I’m pleased in a way, but I wouldn’t ever have learned so much about another religion if we hadn’t talked and been friends like that,” she told her mom.

There were also many other things which Jesus did, were every one of them to be written I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.  John 21:20-25

Pope Francis: It is no longer merely a question of ‘using’ instruments of communication, but of living in a highly digitalized culture that has had a profound impact on ideas of time and space, on our self-understanding, our understanding of others and the world, and our ability to communicate, learn, be informed and enter into relationship with others. CV 86.

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