Hannukah, Religion and Culture. Family Thought 22 November

Tracy shared, “We have some Jewish children in our class at school and we asked them to share some of their celebrations, traditions and practices with us. Most of their feasts are to do with something in their history, e.g. Passover is to do with their escape from slavery in Egypt. I like Hannukah, the Festival of Light which celebrates victory over foreign rulers in their land. Imagine that the Jewish people have been celebrating this and their other feasts every year for more than 2000-3000 years, even before Christianity was born. It must be really important for them.”

In those days Judas and his brothers said “ behold our enemies are crushed, let us go up to cleanse the sanctuary and dedicate it.” All the army assembled and they celebrated the dedication of the altar, decorated the temple and offered burnt offerings and sacrifices of deliverance and praise with music and great gladness. The Judas and his brothers determined that every year at that season the dedication of the altar should be observed with gladness and joy for eight days. 1 Mac 4.

Pope Francis: Popular piety enables us to see how the faith, once received, becomes embodied in a culture and is constantly passed on. EG 123

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