Grandparents reflect on the evils of family violence

Jul 2, 2020

Reading the signs of the times is an important skill that the members of the group were learning about. Joseph continued his comments .  “What is behind the evil that is allowed to continue with so many cases of family and gender-based violence?    Are our women and children being made to suffer because our nation has lost our moral standards?” Amos, a group member and a keen student of the prophet Amos, asked, “Who is ultimately responsible, men, women or all of us?”  Everyone agreed, “We all need to pray for all of us and our families.”

“Go, prophesy to my people Israel.  Your wife shall be a harlot in the city and your sons and daughters shall fall by the sword and your land shall be parcelled out by line.” Amos 7:10-17.  Pope Francis.  True believers do not condemn people for their sins or shortcomings but intercede on their behalf with God through prayer.  Just as Moses implored God’s mercy for his people when they sinned, Christians also must act as intermediaries because even the worst sinners, the wickedest people, the most corrupt leaders – they are children of God.  Pope Francis catechesis 17 June 2020.  

For a fuller explanation of the theme for the month GRANDPARENTS ARE FAMILY ROOTS  and a Grandparents Prayer and more go to

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