Good Samaritans. Family and Grandparent Thought July 14 Sunday 15C

Fr Oliver looked around the Church at the congregation, aware that they were mostly women and many quite elderly.  “How many of you have had a chance to rescue someone who has been hijacked?  Or should I ask how many of you are Good Samaritans in your own life situation, looking after grandchildren who are orphaned, maybe by HIV/AIDS or other young ones left by mothers and fathers too?  We can be good Samaritans in so many places and in so many ways.  Thank you for what you are doing, even sharing your pensions as  well as your time.”

A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho and he fell among robbers who stripped him and beat him and departed leaving him half dead.  A priest, a Levite and lastly a Samaritan came to where he was.   Read the whole story in Luke 10:25-37.  . Who was neighbour to the man who fell among robbers?   

Pope Francis: Jesus affirms that mercy is not only an action of the Father, it becomes a criterion for ascertaining who his true children are.  We care called to show mercy because mercy has first been shown to us. FM9

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