Good example. Family Faith Focus March 17. “FAMILIES WALK THE TALK”

HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY!   Good example.   In a parent talk during Lent  an important issue was raised.  Family life nowadays can be very complicated with many forms.  There are 2nd marriages with children from different parents or maybe a grandmother in a similar situation. Parents may show favouritism and children get jealous.  Sometimes kids just don’t get on. It should be up to the adults to recognise injustices, be fair and merciful themselves and show the kids too how to behave.   Israel(Jacob) loved Joseph more than his other children. His brothers saw this and hated him and conspired to kill him. Genesis 17:3-28

Pope Francis: Good habits need to be developed. If over a period of time a child has not been trained by his elders to say, “Please,””thank you” and “I’m sorry  a  good interior disposition will not easily come to the fore.  AL 266 

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